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100% New Zealand Owned and Made

Interested in 3 piece wheels?

We have a wide range of centres and an even bigger range of lips and barrels.

We have a large range of designs from 13" to 18".

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Do you need to widen your wheels?

We offer custom lips and barrels for most wheels from 13" to 18" in 1/2" increments up to 9" either side of centre.

Do you need more room for bigger brakes?

Our design has the tyre fitment well in the outside of the wheel. This makes more room for bigger brakes or that additional steering lock.

Do you have a damaged rim?

Why replace the whole wheel when we can replace just the damaged part and it does not matter what make the wheel is.

Why Use Us?

100 %  New Zealand Made... not just assembled.. but from scratch.

Designed and built with years of experience on NZ racing circuits.


What We Do

* Complete 3 Piece Wheels

* Coversions on 1 and 2 Piece to 3 Piece

* Replacement lips and barrels

* Custom offsets

* Repairs

Ready To Talk?

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