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Replica and Custom Wheels


Our Design and Manufacturing process means we can manufacturer replicas of those hard to find, or expensive wheels to suit any car.

There are many older style wheels which are too hard to find if not impossible! We can help with our ability to replicate those wheels, either based on a sample provided or redesign from scratch.

RS Escort Replica


Custom Wheels.

Are you looking for a unique design or a one off for your special car?. We can help with that too.  Our CAD design program means we can design the wheel and thanks to 3D Printing technology even supply a sample before going into production for that special wheel for you.

Designing your own wheel as you can imagine, is not a low budget option but the result will be unique and not used by anyone else. You will own the pattern design and be the only one who has those wheels.


Got an idea for a wheel design we could make?

We would like to see it. If you have a design that you think not only you would like to have but think others would too, let us know. We are always interested in new ideas and will see to it, that if we do go into production on those wheels, we give you a nice discount on the set you order for yourself.

41 Degree Wheels was built on this type of initiative and we expect to continue to grow and develop this market.

Got and Idea? Talk to us!

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Classic 13",15",16" versions



Da Beeb 13",15",16",17",18" Versions


Brabham Replica