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Wheel Conversions to 3 piece.

Why Convert to 3 piece?

Have you got or found a set of wheels that you would like to use?  But while the centres are great, the lips are just not going to suit, or are damaged.

Why not convert to 3 piece wheels?

There are many 1, 2 and welded 3 piece wheels we have converted to 3 piece.

Most or our clients want to achieve one of improvements below.

(1)  Change the offset (get some clearance for suspension or brakes)

(2)  Get some bigger brakes so need more room on the inner

(3)  Get bigger, wider tyres

(4)  Bring those old classic up to suit modern tyres

How it works...

Every wheel design is different, even some branded the same can have different lips and centre widths. So we need to take a look at what you have and get some simple measurements off you, then an idea of what you want. We cannot only tell you if it can be done but what its going to cost.

Why Us?  What you can expect

41 Degree Wheels and components are reasonably priced and a quality product.

Exported all over the world and used by drivers who spend their time traveling the world racing their cars.


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Converted to 3 Piece